Research Triangle Park, NC (10 April 2007) – ISA recently announced the publication of “The Road to Integration: A Guide to Applying the ISA-18 Standard in Manufacturing” by Bianca Scholten.

This handy resource explains how to apply ISA-18 in manufacturing enterprise systems (MES) and vertical integration projects, as well as reveals the most important ISA-18 models and terminology. It is ideal for those just starting out who need to get up to speed on ISA-18’s background information but also for those who have some practical experience with ISA-18 and require additional support in carrying out analyses to determine a specific company’s MES strategy and to define user requirements. Additionally, if you develop MES functionality or realize interfaces based on ISA-18, then this guide will help you understand and apply the ISA-18 object models.

Most importantly, the guide explains how to integrate ERP and MES systems using ISA-18. It places ISA-18 in the broader context of modern information exchange technologies and thus offers a complete picture for project managers, consultants, programmers, and information architects who want to integrate ERP and MES systems based on the international standard.

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